Fiber Fence Perimeter Monitoring System

The FIBER FENCE perimeter monitoring system detects intrusions and fence damage over long distances using fiber optic cable. Its sensors don’t require electricity beyond the Zone Control Unit, which enables our sensors to be used in remote areas without the need for electricity at the sensing location. FIBER FENCE has exceptional monitoring range; perimeter protection for a single zone up to 10 miles can be achieved.

How does it work? FIBER FENCE uses a Mouse Trip mounted at regular intervals along the fence line. Fiber optic cable is threaded through the Mouse Trip. When the cable is disturbed, light intensity in the cable is reduced. The reduction is detected by the Zone Control Unit and sets off the alarm. By using internet-based mapping options in conjunction with the optional FIBER FENCE Zone Mapping Software, we can locate and report the disturbance.

FIBER FENCE Main components

  • Zone Control Unit
    Sends light through the fiber optic cable & Mouse Trip

  • Fiber Optic Cable
    Carries the light signal

  • Mouse Trip Sensor
    Activates an alarm when the fence is disturbed
  • Zone Mapping Software
    Displays intrusion location on a map



Bridges, Pipelines
& Rails


Critical Mass

Manhole Cover